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About Us

Windsor Turf is the largest turf and lawn farm in north-western Sydney and one of the largest in Australia.  With 103 hectares spread beside the Hawkesbury River, at historic Windsor, Windsor Turf has been helping Australian families and businesses improve the quality of their lifestyles and investments for over 35 years.  Founded in 1972, Windsor Turf continues to provide its customers with the best lawn and turf solutions available on the market today.

By working effectively with our clients, we continue to move forward as a major licensed producer of brilliant modern turf varieties including export quality Sir Walter, as well as some old favourites.  We provide a wide range of lawn grasses to suit every home, landscaping and sporting requirement.   Our expert horticultural, green-keeping and landscaping staff have decades of experience in providing premium turf production, installation and maintenance.


Our philosophy


Our focus is directed to giving all our clients premium attention to match our premium turf.

We believe in customer care, as much as lawn care and supply.  A post installation service is a must to achieve optimum results, which is why we put such a great emphasis on expert follow up and advice.  That’s why we’re confident Windsor Turf will be acknowledged as the premium brand and business in the industry and is the yard stick by which premium quality and service is judged.

Check out our quality range of turf, including Sir Walter by clicking here.