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Mick and Anne Walburn are the current owners of Windsor Turf. They took ownership of the farm mid 2014. This new ownership has seen a resurgence in farm production, management, service and delivery. 

Both Mick and Anne have been employed by Windsor Turf for many years. Their passion for the turf industry is demonstrated in their commitment to the success of Windsor Turf.

Mick is a turf farm expert, having many years experience in the industry. Mick is regularly reviewing and improving farm practices, to ensure better turf production and environmental practice. He also believes in the use of effective technology, and is currently introducing an innovative online ordering and management system for running the day to day ordering and delivery of Windsor Turf products.

With Mick and Anne steering the direction of Windsor Turf, you can be sure that you are buying the best quality turf product which you, your family and friends will enjoy for years to come.
Windsor Turf now have Matt Parker on board as their Sales & Logistics Manager. Matt has many years experience in the Turf Industry as well as a proven track record in logistics. Whilst Matt deals with large commercial projects, he is also more than happy to talk to the home owner about their requirements & give advise as to what most suits their needs. You will find his jovial & easy going nature a pleasure to deal with.