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Augusta Zoysia

Augusta Zoysia

Price Per Metre : $28.00

Augusta Zoysia offers exceptional drought and shade tolerance. This user-friendly, deep green coloured grass creates a compact smart looking lawn that suits any environment - residential, parklands and sporting fields.   

Augusta Zoysia has become one of the most adaptable, solid performing lawns available.

Area size(m2) : *

Uses :

Augusta is recognised for its high shade tolerance. It is ideal for anyone wanting a low maintenance lawn that requires less mowing.  
Fine-bladed with vertical leaf posture, Augusta offers active families a lawn that is soft under foot. Thanks to a vigorous root system Augusta has a dense re-growth pattern. This makes it an ideal choice for active households with large pets. The deep root system ensures water efficiency, and is an ideal choice for drought prone regions and low rainfall areas with council restrictions. 

Maintenance :

Cut to 2cm-5cm in sun, or 5cm-7cm in shade - lower cuts resemble a couch lawn, higher cuts will resemble a Fescue lawn with longer leaf blades.
Mow every 2 weeks in warmer months, and every 3-8 weeks in colder months
Mow every 3-8 weeks in colder months
Fertilise twice a year, with an additional application if the lawn is subject to high levels of wear and tear.
Once established, Augusta Zoysia is highly drought tolerant. Like all plants, it needs water.
Requirements vary depending on environmental factors.
Infrequent deep watering promotes a healthy lawn and a strong deep-rooted system.
The best time to water is the morning.

Characteristics :

  • Low maintenance and mowing
  • Excellent disease and pest resistance
  • Soft on foot and non-irritant
  • Excellent for high traffic areas, families and pets
  • Beautiful deep green colour
  • Shade tolerant