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Greenlees Park Couch

Greenlees Park Couch

Price Per Metre : $8.00

Greenlees Park is a hard wearing, semi-dwarf couch, dark bottle green in colour, with a medium textured leaf blade of good density.

Greenlees Park has a deep root system and aggressive surface growth giving the grass a rugged, tough sward with a soft leafy feel.

Area size(m2) : *

Uses :

Greenlees Park has been used extensively over the last 30 years for sports surfaces such as cricket wickets, bowling greens, tennis courts and sports ovals.

Greenlees Park is also suitable for residential or commercial lawns.

Maintenance :

Greenlees Park should ideally be mown every 10-14 days at a height of approximately 10-15mm during summer and in winter mown every 3-5 weeks and raise the mowing height to approximately 15-20mm.

In spring your Greenlees Park lawn (as with any lawn) should be mown very low and fertilised. This removes the thatch that has built up in your lawn and allows new stolon growth.

An even surface of 75-100mm of a well drained sandy loam prepared before laying is important and annual to bi-annual renovation may be necessary, ideally during the spring or autumn months.

Fertilising of couch varieties is necessary to keep the lawn at optimum health. A summer fertilisation regimes should alternate between a chemical and organic fertiliser applied every 6 weeks at the equivalent rate of 10kg per 100m. In winter a single application of either a slow release fertiliser or organic type fertiliser will be adequate.

Greenlees Park will require frequent watering during establishment but thereafter is drought tolerant once well established. Watering at medium levels will maintain a healthy green appearance.For information on Water Restrictions in your area, go to www.sydneywater.com.au

Characteristics :

  • Good wear and recuperative rates
  • Suitable for mowing with both a rotary or cylinder style mower
  • Medium maintenance
  • Moderate spring green growth rate
  • Good pest resistance
  • Moderate disease resistance
  • Moderate winter colour retention
  • Moderate to highly invasive
  • Moderate to high thatching if not mown regularly
  • Propagated from stolons.